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A Journey to North


(for Trio / 12‘)                                         

Flute (in C, G, Piccolo) - Violoncello - Piano


- Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble -

Behind the Concept

This project is inspired from ancient Celtic poems that mainly focuses on Nordic landscapes. The language is based on old Irish and Welsh. As a result, poems are from different sources and geographic areas. Some of the sayings are arranged from different poems and combined into one for a miniature where as some are taken directly. Translations of the texts are taken from 2004 book of Francesco Benezzo titled Landscape Perception in Early Celtic Literature.


 This piece focuses on five poems; either as a hole or arranged from different sources. Each poem has its own miniature (1-3 minutes) and tells the story of it through the music. Lines of the poems are the only criteria for musical form and the construction of the miniatures. The music is a reflection of the poems and the image of the sound world that it creates within me. 

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