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( Musiktheater / 60' )​

- Premier in September 2023 in Bern -

Title: C-AML

Genre: Musiktheater

Duration : ca. 60 minutes

Audio, Visuals & Dramaturgy : Arda Yurdusev

Personnel : 1 Actor, 3 Percussionists (Doctor, Assistant Doctor, Nurse), Violoncello (Brother), Clarinet (Mother), Sound Engineer, Light Technician, Stage Director, Composer (Live Electronics and Visuals)


Human nature often favors to focus on the positive aspects of life since none of us would like to remember the unwanted memories in life. However sometimes it is inevitable to run away from certain realities such as cancer. We cannot be sure if we were to cross paths with this infamous disease and in the case that we do, it is one of the most life changing experiences that one can go through. It has a severe impact on one’s life, both for themselves and their loved ones. C-AML focuses on this sensitive topic, especially childhood leukemia, in the hopes of encouraging the audience and performers that are present during the performance to empathize with the topic and hopefully to continue reflecting on this issue moving past the piece within their daily lives. 

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Behind the Title


“AML” is the abbreviation for acute myeloid leukemia* which is a type of blood cancer that can be found in all age groups. Although it is more common with later ages, it is still one of the most frequent and unfortunate types of leukemia that is seen within children. Therefore, “C-AML” stands for “Childhood - Acute Myeloid Leukemia”, and focuses on a narrative that is based on this sensitive topic.

Excerpt: Trial C-AML 

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