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Title: C-AML

Genre: Musiktheater

Duration: ca. 60 minutes

Premier: September 2023 ( Bern - Switzerland )

Personnel: Arda Yurdusev┃Composition - Electronics - Visuals 

 Andrea Zamengo┃Percussion     Severin Rush┃Percussion 

Bernat Pont Anglada┃Acting    Rebecca Minten ┃Clarinet

Cassandra Hutsteiner┃Cello

Technic:   Samuel Gfeller┃Sound      Arthur Holliger┃Lights


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C-AML is a musiktheater piece that focuses on sensitive topics, therefore it occasionally features heavier scenes. The aesthetic of the piece is conceptualized so that it would be perceived from the point of view of a child’s mind and imagination at certain scenes, which result in some humorous parts throughout the show as well.


The piece begins in the clinic’s waiting room of (Chem)4 - Lab Enterprises and progresses all the way through the different stages of our protagonist’s story. While at times featuring realistic scenes, it often takes an unrealistic and humorous route that is bordering in-between real-life and sci-fi elements.  


Accompanied by the clinic’s personnel, we follow alongside the characters though this heavy yet humoristic journey.


C-AML | Extended Trailer

C-AML | Scene V - TRIAL

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