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           (for Quartet / 5-6‘)

Ney - Kemençe - Viola - Violoncello

Komorebi, is one of those unique words that has a special meaning which is by definition ‘sunlight filtering through the leaves of a tree’. The meaning behind this phrase is to enable a medium for sunlight to be visible apart from its daily role within nature. Through the leaves, sunlight becomes a tangible phenomenon seen as beams of light. In this piece, elements from Turkish makam music are combined with Western contemporary art music, resulting in a different medium for makam to coexist. A different presentation other than its usual sphere just like Komorebi… 

İstanbul Technical University “Music and Sciences” Symposium /

 Erimtan Archeology and Arts Museum: Contemporary Side of Makam


- Commissioned and performed by NK Ensemble. -


* Komorebi is commercially published within the album “Lahza”.

komorebi cover.jpg
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