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Title: NeuroDrive

Genre: Audiovisual Performance

Duration: 43'

Date: May 2024

Place: Grosse Halle (Bern/CH)

         Kulturzentrum Reitschule


Arda Yurdusev  | Concept & Direction 

Lautaro Tesar  | Musical Director 

José del Avellanal Carreño  | Light Design

Matthias Joël Müller  | Live Electronics
Mireia Pellisa Martín  | Saxophone
Simon Benjamin Stoppiello  | Piano
Aya Metwalli  | Voice
Severin Rush  | Percussion

NeuroDrive Poster PNG.png

NeuroDrive is a concert-length composition that is realized through a collective initiative at Kulturesk Festival 2024 curated specially for Kulturzentrum Reitschule in Bern (CH). The purpose of the project is to conceptualize Grosse Halle with all of its unique graffiti through an ensemble of musicians and live electronics within an octophonic speaker setup, projected visuals on the walls of Reitschule and lighting design within a 45 minute audiovisual performance. Inspired by the graffiti art of the hall, the project aims to capitalize on this iconic feature of the hall with vibrant lighting and extensive projection mapping which offers an immersive experience that counterpoints the unique aesthetic of the venue. 

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