Orchestra / Sinfonietta

Seyyah I

Seyyah I Compass.jpg

(for Pan Flute & Orchestra / 20' )

- Commissioned by Matthijs Koene -

Being the first instalment of Seyyah trilogy, the piece houses a unique instrumentation with pan flute at the spotlight surrounded by an orchestra. While being one of the oldest known instruments, pan flute is still a rare sight to be seen within classical music scene, which made this project particularly exiting to undertake. In the hands of the right player, this fascinating instrument produces the purest earthy tones with occasional agile attacks, which result in a timbre I have been longing to find. Combined with an orchestra, it complements the sound world of Seyyah in a way that few other ensembles can.

Seyyah II


(for Sinfonietta / 9-10' )

Written for a sinfonietta consisting of 15 parts, this piece marks the first instalment of Seyyah trilogy. Besides being the starting point of the wandering path, the piece focuses on several individual concepts and various extra musical ideologies. The musical form and the flow of time is based on, surely one of the most fascinating and pure rock gardens in Zen Buddhism; Ryōan-ji. Although built as a residence during Heian Japan, the site later transformed into a temple complex by a member of the shogunate in Muromachi Period. The rock garden is widely regarded as one of the greatest examples of its kind and praised by masses, even the likes of John Cage which also had a special connection with the garden.

- Scheduled to be premiered by Ankara Youth Symphony Orchestra in 2020/21 Season -