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The Sound of Pergamon: Acropolis



(for Ensemble / 5‘)

Flute  - Percussion - Piano - Violin I - Violin II - Viola - Violoncello 


- Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble -

Behind the Concept

Pergamon is an ancient city located near the city border of İzmir, Turkey. You can immediately recognise the city because of its geographical features. Pergamon is one of the great, if not the best example of an acropolis after Athens. ‘’Akron’’ means highest and ‘’ polis’’ means city in Greek, so by definition we can encounter with this type of settlement on top of a mountain in a flat plain. Of course, the main reason they built their cities on top of a hill was the ideal protection against enemies. As a result, we can say that an acropolis type city has a lot of character. If you imagine yourself walking through the streets of this ancient city and try to visualise the civilization that surrounds you, we could easily hear the sound world and the rich colours. Therefore, this is exactly the focus of this piece.  

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