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( Musiktheater / 12' )​

Premiered in

Play Time Festival in Bern.

Title: C-AML

Genre: Musiktheater

Duration : ca. 15 minutes

Composer (Audio, Visuals, Dramaturgy): Arda Yurdusev

Performers: Bernat Pond, Arda Yurdusev 


TRIAL C-AML is an excerpt from the large scale musiktheater piece of the composer, C-AML,  which will premier in 2022-23 season. The piece aims to explore pathographic performance approach within musiktheater. The scene within this excerpt, features live electronics and projection mapping onto the body of the patient. While the patient is being subjected to this process, the scene depicts the clinical trials in a setting that is detached from reality as we know it.

Premier - Play Time Festival (Bern/CH)

Visual Renders

Stage Design

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