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Arda Yurdusev

Composer |  Performer |  Audiovisual Artist


As a composer - performer - audiovisual artist, his interests include (but not limited to) combining contemporary art music with various musical and theatrical elements though timbre-based sound worlds and audio-visual projects ranging from concert music to interdisciplinary stage works. A key aspect of his artistic output is his music theaters which focus on topics between the spectrum of real life and sci-fi settings with audiovisual and scenic elements. He is also heavily active with his audiovisual works that often result in collaborations with artists from various fields.

During 2023-24 Season, his new series “Indigo” premiers with the first chapter “Ma” being commissioned by Ensemble TaG Winterthur for their “30 Jahre Ensemble TaG – ein Gesprächskonzert zum Jubiläum” in June. The series continues with “Öz” which is the “100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic Commission” by Bilkent Symphony Orchestra for October and “Ryu” which is an ensemble piece commissioned by Ensemble Proton Bern within the scope of “Protonwerk 13” to be premiered in April 2024. In May 2024, his collaborative concert long audiovisual work “NeuroDrive” for ensemble, live electronics, visuals and lights will premier in Grosse Halle in Kulturzentrum Reitschule in Bern. Starting 2023-24 season, his audiovisual album project “Quanta” has also started its productions to be released and toured in 2025.

His most recent stage works were his concert long musiktheater “C-AML”, an auto-biographical musiktheater piece “Suita” that was a part of Play Time Festival and “underneath the pieces…” for flute and puzzle which was featured within the scope of Musikfestival Bern with the commission of ArtConnection. Some notable concerts from past seasons include his string quartet “Senri (II)” with Arditti Quartet and his Seyyah concept pieces; his concerto for pan flute and orchestra “Seyyah I” that was premiered by Matthijs Koene and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, ”Seyyah Trio" with ensemble XX. jahrhundert , “Seyyah III” with Cikada and “Seyyah Trilogy” with Black Pencil Ensemble. Also, “Ronin” for mixed quartet was recorded by Klangforum Wien during OutHEAR New Music Week and his miniature for saxophone quartet “Pati” was premiered by Sigma Project within the scope of Mixtur 2020. 

He has worked with ensembles such as Arditti Quartet, Klangforum Wien, Cikada, Ensemble Proton Bern, Ensemble TaG Winterthur, Black Pencil Ensemble, ensemble XX. Janrhundert, Collegium Novum Zurich, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Sigma Project, NK Ensemble and Hezarfen Ensemble. He is pursuing his doctorate research in Freiburg Bern Graduate School for Artistic Research, supervised by Nathalie Meidhof and Simon Steen-Andersen. He holds a B.A. degree in Theory and Composition from Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts with Yiğit Aydın and an M.A. degree from Hochschule der Künste Bern in Music Composition with Simon Steen-Andersen and Xavier Dayer. During various workshops, he had private lectures with well-known composers such as Mark Andre, Michael Beil, Stefano Gervasoni, Pierre Jodlowski, Klaus Lang, Ken Ueno, Matthew Shlomowitz to name a few. Arda Yurdusev is based in Bern, Switzerland.


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