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Chaplin Prints
Arda Yurdusev

Chaplin Prints


Chaplin Prints

Title: Chaplin Prints

Genre: Audiovisual

Duration: 5:45'

Resolution: 4K (16:9)

Visuals & Audio:  Arda Yurdusev



Starting point for the project is to dictate selected bits of the speech Charlie Chaplin gave towards the end of classic film, The Great Dictator, and translate the text into ASCII values (8-bit Binary Codes).

Within the visual side of the project, algorithms derived from binary code language. This operations form the core while subjective compositional decisions regarding visual placement of resulting illustrations finalize the process.


ASCII, allows slots in 8-bit code formation which are assigned according to the exponential values of 2 that in turn give various symbols, characters and numbers. For this project, the text was translated according to printable characters which are situated after decimal value 32 within ASCII. Some examples are given below:

a = 01100001

A = 01000001 

space = 00100000

For the creation process of the visuals, every BIT forms the next frame within the formation of the prints. This formation speed is optimized at 6 frames per second which means there are 6 BITs (6 letters or symbols from the text) within every second during the formation of the final print.

This results in a frame by frame formation of prints which are derived from the algorithms that are specified above. There are four selected passages from Chaplin’s speech, therefore four main prints.

There are 1000+ individually illustrated and rendered frames (every frame is another bit, therefore text/symbol character). The format of the video animation is set to 30 fps. Initially every bit is 5 frames long, therefore the animation speed is 6 fps. The speed of the animation gradually increases with every division of screen.

Excerpt of "Let(space)"

Visual Renders