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Indigo Ryu 

 flt, lup, cl, kontrf, harp, pno, vln, vlc

Indigo is a series which comprises of several chapters with each, featuring a different instrumental setting. The word indigo comes from the Latin word indicum, which is a deep shade of blue. Amongst the many version of this shade, indigo dye has always been a defining visual within my life. From the coast of Phocaea to the fabric textures around Kansai, my memories have always been surrounded with this shade. That is why I grew up with a deep appreciation for this dye and whenever I encounter with it, it evokes serenity and has this calming effect that reminds me of home.

As a series, Indigo aims at a sound world that lives in between past and present, finds its balance within the clash of various aesthetics, just like the indigo dye that finds itself in between shades.

With this piece, I pay an homage to the iconic arcade game Street Fighter with a narrative arc that aims to capture an acoustic representation of a game player experience. It revolutionized the 80s with its launch and became a cultural building block for the future of the game industry. New installments of the game is still coming to this day and it is one of the longest running franchises. I was one of those kids who grew up alongside a part of this decades long history and have many fond memories getting exposed to it.

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Score Excerpts

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