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           (for Quartet / 5-6‘).            

Trumpet - Alto Saxophone - Viola - Percussion

Warriors (samurai) without a master were called ronin (浪人) during the feudal Japan. One could be considered a ronin in either upon the death of his master or if he were to lose his master’s favor. Ronins often associated with a bad reputation due to their actions as a wandering warrior with no one to answer to. There is also the shame of choosing not to commit seppuku (also known as harakiri, a form of suicide) to honor their master’s death according to bushido (the way/code of the warrior). This piece represents the sound world of a ronin; his internal conflicts, rage towards his surroundings, agile and unpredictable movements, his shame and wandering


- Commissioned by OutHEAR New Music Week 2019 for Klangforum Wien & PPCM -

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