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Seyyah represents a three-part series with each instalment, focusing on a different orchestration starting with a piece for pan flute and orchestra followed by a sinfonietta and ensemble; that in the end, forms the basis behind the idea of Seyyah. By definition, Seyyah is the ancient Arabic word dedicated to a traveler, a wanderer. They used to be explorers of unknown realms, merchants of leading trade routes and writers of many diaries that shine light on uncharted lands. These travelers often lacked the sense of belonging to a certain place and had trouble identifying with a certain society. Due to constant exposures to different cultures, I have also lived with this problematic from the very beginning of my youth and as a result, it shaped my character as someone without the sense of attachment to any society or place; which you may also call as a Seyyah. Within each instalment, one can find a different piece of my sound world. In a way, one might see the Seyyah trilogy as my musical auto- biography.

Please visit individual pages located in works menu for more detailed information about each piece.


Seyyah I


(for Pan Flute & Orchestra / 20' )


- Performed by Matthijs Koene and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra -

Seyyah II

(for Sinfonietta / 9-10' )

Seyyah III

(for Ensemble / 9‘)

Flu. (in C, G) - Cla. (B flat, Bass) - Perc. - Piano - Vln - Vla - Vlc

- Performed by Cikada  -

00:00 / 18:18

Score Excerps - Seyah I

Score Excerps - Seyah III

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