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Seyyah I

(for Pan Flute & Orchestra / 20' )

Being the first instalment of Seyyah trilogy, the piece houses a unique instrumentation with pan flute at the spotlight surrounded by an orchestra. While being one of the oldest known instruments, pan flute is still a rare sight to be seen within classical music scene, which made this project particularly exiting to undertake. In the hands of the right player, this fascinating instrument produces the purest earthy tones with occasional agile attacks, which result in a timbre I have been longing to find. Combined with an orchestra, it complements the sound world of Seyyah in a way that few others can.

- Written for Matthijs Koene -

Seyyah I Compass_edited.jpg
Seyyah I Matthijs Koene & Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
00:00 / 18:18


Seyyah Motif

One of the key elements that bring the piece together is the recurring Seyyah Motif which is revealed in critical points within the piece. Acting as leitmotiv or idée fixe; this simple melody not only holds this piece together, but the whole series, as this motif can be found both within Seyyah II & III. The melody that is derived from a diatonic tetrachord, represents the identity of Seyyah, who initiates the whole trilogy at the beginning of Seyyah I (Section A) and finalizes its path at the end of Seyyah III (Section E), while making multiple appearances throughout the series. Below you may find the exact sections that that houses

Seyyah Motif:

Seyyah I          Sections A, F, K, M 


Seyyah II         Transition to Sabi


Seyyah III        Section E

Score Excerpts

Premier - Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

Seyyah BSO Press.png
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