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Seyyah Trilogy


(for Ensemble / 12‘)                                 

Harpsichord - Pan Flute (in C/Bass)  - Recorder (Tenor & Bass) - Viola - Accordion - Percussion 

Seyyah Trilogy is the reflection and summary of the three-part series, Seyyah. This piece is specifically built upon the Seyyah Concept and the works that surround it. Specially written and re-arranged for the instrumentation of Harpsichord & Black Pencil Ensemble, Seyyah Trilogy captures the soul of this series. Seyyah I being a concerto for pan flute is represented within the agile parts while harpsichord represents the dominant piano writing of Seyyah II. Seyyah III, being an ensemble piece is featured heavily within the textures throughout the piece and lays the foundation of its character. 

- Scheduled to be premiered  by Ensemble Black Pencil in 2021. -

* Honorary Mention for Black Pencil Prize 2020

Seyyah Trilogy Compass.jpg
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