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Indigo Arda Yurdusev
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Indigo  |  2023-25

Indigo is a series which comprises of several chapters with each featuring a different instrumental setting.

The word indigo comes from the Latin word indicum, which is a deep shade of blue. Amongst the many version of this shade, indigo dye has always been a defining visual within my life. From the coast of Phocaea to the fabric textures around Kansai, my memories have always been surrounded with this shade. That is why I grew up with a deep appreciation for this dye and whenever I encounter with it, it evokes serenity and has this calming effect that reminds me of home.


As a series, Indigo aims at a sound world that lives in between past as well as present. Each installment of the series is filled with quotations from various musical works that somehow left a significant trace within my life. A sound world that lives in between, finds its balance within the clash of various aesthetics, just like the indigo dye that finds itself in between shades.

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Indigo Ma Ensemble TaG
00:00 / 08:42
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Indigo Öz Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
00:00 / 15:15
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